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Localstake NC was formed to help businesses impacting North Carolina successfully use newly available laws to raise investment capital to fund start-up and growth.

Investment crowdfunding has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs to raise billions of dollars in investment capital since 2012. From pre-seed to Series X capital, startups, other local businesses and real estate can leverage this source of debt or equity capital.

CrowdfundNC helped bring Localstake to the Southeast for businesses to leverage this new source of capital, their community investing side-by-side with experienced investors. CrowdfundNC brings a partner network and Launch Readiness program to businesses which aims to prepare them to raise capital. As a Broker Dealer, Localstake provides deal structuring, offering documentation and a platform to facilitate the raise process. Visit CrowdfundNC.com for more information on local resources for business and investors.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Greenleaf Juice Indiana (Expansion)
Healthy, fast-casual concept centered around fresh, organic juice
  • Flagship location established downtown Indy, 1 year of operations
  • Establishing second location in Carmel + expanded bottle production
  • $50,000 raised
Business Svcs.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda
WINNER: 2016 Beverage Industry Magazine Innovation of the Year
  • WINNER: 2017 Centric Indiana Innovation of the Year
  • WINNER: 2017 Best New Adult Beverage - Indianapolis Monthly Magazine
  • $40,968 raised
Craft Beer
Books & Brews
Books & Brews is a place for people without a place.
  • We are a used bookstore themed brewery focused on customer service.
  • We sell nostalgia, authenticity, and community.
  • $77,500 raised
Craft Beer
New Buffalo, Michigan
Beer Church Brewing Co.
New Buffalo is only beach town along Lake Michigan without a brewery.
  • Our beer will be big, adventurous, and hoppy.Our pizza true Neapolitan
  • Located in historic Civil War era church downtown overlooking the lake
  • $47,000 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
Greenleaf Juice Indiana
Healthy, fast-casual concept centered around fresh, organic juice
  • 100% fresh fruits/vegetables and super food ingredients - often local
  • Brick and mortar stores; Predictable/stable sales; Growing industry
  • $50,000 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda
"The Wine Cooler Grows Up!"
  • Consumers are looking for clean, fresh, alcohol beverage alternatives
  • We are utilizing unique, interesting flavors and strong branding.
  • $70,000 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
Repucare Onsite
Provides next generation worksite health and wellness services
  • Clients include the City of Kokomo, Celadon, and state of Indiana
  • Acquiring a wellness co.; $5.8 MM in 2014 combined est. revs.
  • $125,000 raised
Real Estate
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Freshwater Fix, LLC
Own a piece of commercial real estate in Milwaukee
  • Anchor tenant is Purple Door Ice Cream, a local small business
  • Redevelopment is focused on community sustainability
  • $190,000 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
Bearface Instructional Technologies
Provides unique learning, assessment technology for higher education
  • Replaces textbook/lecture/test model with customizable, webbased tools
  • Founders have heavy experience in academic publishing and health care
  • $348,825 raised
Brownsburg, Indiana
Biologics Modular
Produces pre-built, transportable manufacturing facilities
  • More cost-effective and more flexible as compared to traditional build
  • Provides a much needed solution to the pharmaceutical industry
  • $400,353 raised
Renewable Energy
Staunton, Virginia
Secure Solar Capital
We finance, build, own and operate solar for tax exempt entities.
  • All our employees are co-owners of the company.
  • We're a fast growing B Corp Certified solar solutions company.
  • $106,500 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
Wilks & Wilson LLC
Makers of All Natural Premium Cocktail Ingredients
  • All Natural, Mostly Organic, High Quality, Consistency
  • Preparing to launch a new product line of Ready-To-Drink Cocktails
  • $83,500 raised
Craft Distilling
Ogden, Utah
Ogden's Own
Quality craft spirits at a reasonable price.
  • Great tasting, unique marketing, consumer friendly, award-winning
  • We go the extra mile in developing products and relationships.
  • $1,900,010 raised
Real Estate
Traverse City, Michigan
Commongrounds Cooperative
We are a real estate development cooperative in Traverse City, MI.
  • Our building is owned and financed by its tenants and our community.
  • Owner-investors earn a financial, social, and quality of life return.
  • $272,450 raised
Real Estate
Traverse City, Michigan
Commongrounds Cooperative
We are a real estate development cooperative in Traverse City, MI.
  • Our building is owned and financed by its tenants and our community.
  • Owner-investors earn a financial, social, and quality of life return.
  • $546,000 raised
Ellsworth, Michigan
Michigan Farm Market
Mail-order & eCommerce brand that champions small food entrepreneurs
  • 110% growth in 2016 Holiday revenue compared to 2015
  • Leveraging Michigan's diverse food system to rapidly grow our catalog
  • $250,000 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
Scotty's Brewhouse | 96th Street
Established restaurant in Indiana with 12 locations. (since 1996)
  • Company-wide sales up 10% over previous year. 3 new projects in 2015.
  • Management team of 18 people that lead and direct the future growth.
  • $386,100 raised
Consumer Products
Traverse City, Michigan
GoSili, Inc.
The alternative to on-the-go and tabletop plastics
  • Leading the way in safe, sustainable silicone tableware
  • Making the basics better with silicone
  • $300,000 raised
Craft Beer
Tecumseh, Michigan
Tecumseh Brewing Company
Experienced microbrewery production and management team
  • Building already owned; established following of local supporters
  • Offering is only available to residents of Michigan
  • $174,500 raised
Cassopolis, Michigan
Fruitbelt LLC
Novel, better-for-you beverages based on traditions of the Fruit belt
  • Made from local orchard fruits and our unique, healthy orchard bitters
  • Sell through wholesale and direct channels
  • $84,261 raised
Brooklyn, New York
Esembly Inc.
A movement with a mission to help families Live Less Disposably™
  • Our system includes everything needed to diaper simply and sustainably
  • Products are designed and formulated by experts for modern parents
  • $255,708 raised
Real Estate
Indianapolis, Indiana
Sunstone, LLC (An Eastern Star Church ROCK Initiative)
Renewing Our Community for the Kingdom
  • Improving quality of life for those in the local community
  • Developing a mixed-use facility; part of larger redevelopment effort.
  • $1,634,840 raised
Craft Beer
Albion, Michigan
Albion Malleable Brewing Company
Albion's Brewery
  • You'd be proud to find this brewery anywhere.
  • Unique product offering and a unique connection to Albion's history
  • $169,500 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
The Savory Swine
Provides a social setting to enjoy wines, cheeses, specialty meats.
  • Custom meats, imported cheeses, wine by the glass, charcuterie, deli
  • Social environment in a top quality retail setting.
  • $52,000 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
Moody's Butcher Shops
Only farm-to-fork local food system of its kind in Central Indiana.
  • 15 years of proven retail sales and production infrastructure.
  • Expanding business with the opening of another retail store.
  • $220,000 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
Dry Bones Mud House
Wake dem bones up!
  • Committed to serving highest quality of specialty coffee.
  • Passionate dedication to coffee education, inspiration, and service.
  • $24,500 raised
Craft Beer
Denver, Colorado
The Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project
Mission: Drink, Explore, and Make Friends
  • High-traffic taproom location, unique travel branding, exotic adjuncts
  • Turkish coffee, cardamom, garlic, basil, apricots, dates, figs, pears
  • $156,250 raised
Craft Beer
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea LLC
Makers of award-winning, healthy, gluten-free kombucha tea and beer
  • Kombucha is the fastest growing segment of natural foods category
  • Strong growth: we're expanding production to meet current demand
  • $136,300 raised
Bloomington, Indiana
King Dough
Currently selling wood-fired pizza via our mobile oven
  • Looking to open location offering full Napoli inspired menu
  • Mgmt. team has previous experience running a napoli pizza restaurant
  • $110,500 raised
Craft Beer
Traverse City, Michigan
Earthen Ales
We brew innovative and balanced beers for our taproom and beyond.
  • We understand the importance of the customer experience AND good beer.
  • We're a craft beer experience that extends beyond the pint.
  • $103,700 raised
Craft Distilling
Bloomington, Indiana
Cardinal Spirits
Craft distillery producing artisan spirits: gin, vodka, and whiskey.
  • On leading edge of craft alcohol movement in an attractive market.
  • Team has experience leading early stage business and in distilling.
  • $850,000 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
FastTrack Student Loans
Creating the H&R Block of the student loan industry
  • Have consolidated 875+ student loans since starting in July 2013
  • Large market opportunity with student loan defaults at record levels
  • $253,475 raised
Alternative Energy
Indianapolis, Indiana
Solar America Solutions
Solar thermal heat collectors for commercial hot water and space heat
  • Up to 3x more efficient than competitor's solar collectors
  • Installed in 50+ customer locations and has a strong customer pipeline
  • $276,925 raised
Indianapolis, Indiana
A musician invented, dermatologist recommended lip balm.
  • Currently being sold in over 7,400 CVS/pharmacies nationwide.
  • Only commercially sold lip balm that contains arnica.
  • $93,000 raised
Craft Beer
Denver, Colorado
Sojourner's Brewing Project
Mission: Drink, Explore, and Make Friends
  • High-traffic taproom location, unique travel branding, exotic adjuncts
  • Turkish coffee, cardamom, garlic, basil, apricots, dates, figs, pears
  • $370,000 raised

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